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Alright, humble readers- it’s been fun and now it’s done. This will be my final Desk Set blog post, and I’m going to keep it light and easy.

Firstly, thank you much again to Sarah and Maria for asking me to blog. It’s been a blast! I really appreciate the opportunity, and I hope readers in NYC and beyond will try their darndest to stay involved with The Desk Set, attend and support their events, and generally just keep up on their doings- it’s an organization unlike any other. And in this dim library day and age, we need to stick together!

Next on the menu, a little personal linkage for those of you interested, and beyond.

My website, if you’re so inclined to keep up with my comics, zines, and library adventures:

The Center for Cartoon Studies website, and the Schulz Library Blog, where my library comrade and CCS Alum Jen Vaughn and I can be found reviewing books, posting updates about the school library, etc etc:

If you’re running your own comic book collection at a library, or are generally just interested in the best ways of preserving/storing comics long-term, here is a link to an article I wrote for Diamond Comics about a year ago, as well as an interview with me from The Comics Journal’s Panelists group about minicomics storage:

And, lastly, cartoonists Nomi Kane, Jen Vaughn and I are working on a new comics anthology called Lies Grown-Ups Told Me. Sequential art stories about things we were told as children and were gullible enough to believe for years. If you’re interested in donating or learning more about the project, we have made a Kickstarter for it here:

Alright! Enough of that- let’s get onto some great samples of good zines, comics, and CCS Student work.

First up, just three plain ol’ great examples of well-bound and interesting zines that we have in our collection here at Schulz:

Robyn Chapman’s “Make: An Intimate Act”

“Make: Comics About an Intimate Act.  The intimate act in question? Pooping.  Everyone does it, and yet the topic is not welcome in polite conversation.  Make endeavors to break this taboo, and offers 80 pages of stories that are human, sincere and entertaining.”

cover of Robyn Chapman's "Make"

insides and end-papers of "Make"

bonus "Draw Your Insides" activity by Melissa Mendes in Robyn Chapman's "Make"

Trevor Alixopulos, Josh Frankel, Andy Hartzell, and editor Jesse Reklaw’s “Bazaar Love Triangle”, a minicomic in the shape of a pyramid, with three chapters that unfold inside:

"Bazaar Love Triangle"

Cody G.’s “Awkwardly Put #14: The Black Walnut”, a zine about the author’s black walnut tree, inked ENTIRELY with her own homemade ink FROM the black walnuts!

cover of Cody G's "The Black Walnut"

I’d also like to include a little bit of the student work that is done for classes here at CCS. One of our libraries most interesting sections is the Thesis Project/Student Work area, where all alum, students, and staff have donated their minicomics and books to our collection for reserve. In the first semester of their program at CCS, the students must break off into groups and produce a themed anthology on a topic of their choice. “Missing” is an anthology bound to look like a case file, separated by page tabs that contain each students story of a fictionalized missing girl. “Holy Shit: A Comics Anthology”, is a biblically-bound book of religious parodies, musings on The Pope, and more.

And lastly, CABOOSE! A free comics anthology newspaper created by and about residents of good ol’ White River Junction, Vermont.

"Caboose", edited by alumni Chuck Forsman and 2009/10 fellow Max De'Radigues

Welp, that’s all folks! And if you’re ever in the White River Junction area of Vermont, please don’t hesitate to contact me at and come by the library for a visit. Til then, thanks for reading!

Bonus feature, Zeek the Library Cat:

i love you zeek.

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