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We are fortunate to count some exceptionally talented designers and artists among our friends, and they have generously donated work for our causes. Here are the amazing posters, photos and videos we’ve used over the years.

Curated by Amber Billey, Matt Haugen, and Tara Hart, Que(e)ry was our first ever party for queer librarians (and their lovers, of course!) Matt used his extensive cataloging skills to help him with this promotional card.

Mardi Gras 2010 at Daddy's

Steve Fujita created this flyer for our third big Mardi Gras bash at Daddy’s. The photo is from a NOLA parade, and that sweet little brunette is none other than Maria’s mom!

Biblioball 2010 from Desk Set on Vimeo.

2010 Biblioball Video by Jon Dieringer and Jason Planitzer

Biblioball 2009 from Desk Set on Vimeo.

Biblioball 2009 from Desk Set on Vimeo. Directed and edited by Rick Banister.

Biblioball 2010 Flyer by Rick Banister

Biblioball 2009 Flyer

Flyer by Rick Banister; winterized logo adapted by Gilbert Ford.

Press shot for Biblioball 2009: Baby It's Cold Outside

Photographer Dominick Mastrangelo captured a library snowstorm in this picture. It ran in the Village Voice and TimeOut NY (and the Voice even called us cute!).

Mardi Gras 2009 at Daddy's

Librarian Carolyn Vega designed this flyer for our 2009 Mardi Gras party and book drive. We think it’s the perfect mix of elegant and silly.

Writer/Reader Mingle & Book Swap, March 2009

Writer/Reader Mingle & Book Swap, March 2009

Writer, Illustrator Sara Varon designed this poster for our swap at Pacific Standard in Park Slope. Irresistibly adorable!

  • Be Still My Frosty HeartBe Still My Frosty Heart: A Bilbioball, December 2008
  • For our first ever fancy-dress event, Rick Banister designed this poster disguised as a Penguin Classic. Maria gave life to the paperdolls, and Rick took it from there. We love the cool, classy look and the clever way to fit all of our text in there. Search for the ISBN for continued poster enjoyment.

    Trivia 2009 Flyer designed, cataloged, and classed by Billey.

  • Triva Night at Black RabbitTriva Night at Black Rabbit, September 2008
  • Librarian Amber Billey rocked the typewriter for this Trivia Night invite, perfectly capturing the nerdy appeal of the event. Plus, she outdid herself as one of our hosts in 2008, Billy Bibliographic Control.

  • Women Working in Panels at Huckleberry BarWomen Working in Panels at Huckleberry Bar, July 2008
  • Artist and cartoonist Leslie Stein drew this kick-ass poster for our panel featuring women working in the comic and graphic arts. Leslie was joined on the panel by Miriam Katin, Fly, Sara Varon, Rebecca Donner, and Lauren Weinstein.

    Mardi Gras Benefit for New Orleans Public Library, February 2008

    Mardi Gras Benefit for New Orleans Public Library, February 2008

    Bryan Wilson of New Orleans was the perfect person to design the poster advertising our Mardi Gras party. How can you not love that bearded bikini man? And nothing says debauchery like a toppled over NY Times box. Bryan’s alter ego, Cadillac French, did a swell job hosting the raffle, and we raised lots of bucks for NOPL.

    Finally, Gilbert Ford has been instrumental to the success of the Desk Set’s almost famous Dance Dance Library Revolution parties. Gilbert’s illustrations have represented each DDLR, and here they all are, in reverse order.

    DDLR 6 : May 22, 2010

    DDLR June 2009

  • DDLR May 2008DDLR, May 2008
  • DDLR: Bibliodiscotheque Philadelphia, January 2008

    DDLR: Bibliodiscotheque Philadelphia, January 2008

    DDLR, October 2007

    DDLR, October 2007

    DDLR, May 2007

    DDLR, May 2007

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